How to Install Winged Plastic Anchors

If you need to hang up a picture frame on drywall, you can't just shoot a screw into the wall and hope it will hold. To secure something against the wall, you'll need a drywall fastener, and one type is called a winged plastic anchor. These anchors install through a pre-drilled hole, then expand to form a plastic truss against the backside of the drywall, locking the fastener in place. Installing a winged plastic anchor takes just a few minutes and a few basic tools.

One way to hang a picture frame like this is with a winged plastic anchor.
  1. Locate a wood drill bit the same diameter as the winged plastic anchor's body, or use the size recommended on the packaging for the anchor.

  2. Locate where on the wall you want your object to mount, and then drill a hole in that spot with the drill and the wood drill bit.

  3. Fold up the winged plastic anchor with your finger and thumb, then push it into the hole in the drywall. Tap it in place using the hammer until the top lip of the anchor sits tight against the drywall.

  4. Place the screw for the winged plastic anchor through the mounting hook. Install the screw into the winged plastic anchor using the Phillips screwdriver, and stop when the mounting hook is flat against the wall.

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