RSVP Culinary Torch Operating Instructions

The RSVP Culinary Torch is a small flame torch designed for cooking use, typically to caramelize sugar on desserts or create flambé desserts. The torch is sold on the Internet or in culinary supply and department stores, and offers an on/off trigger and an adjustment lever for different flame sizes. The torch requires butane fuel for power and should only be used by adults due to the use of flames, heat and fuel. Operating the torch is relatively straightforward.

A culinary torch can lightly burn or melt the top of desserts such as creme brulee.
  1. Remove the lid from the butane fuel canister and shake gently to activate the fuel.

  2. Slide the flame adjustment lever to the "-" position. Slide the bottom of the torch over the butane fuel container. Pump gently to fill the torch with fuel, then remove the fuel tank from the torch.

  3. Wait five minutes for the butane gas to stabilize.

  4. Move the flame adjustment slide to the middle of the range. Push down on the "Safety Lock" to release.

  5. Push the ignition button to light the torch. Make adjustments to the flame length by sliding the flame adjustment slide to the right or left. Push the flame lock lever into place to keep a continuous flame.

  6. Release the ignition button to turn off the flame. Return the safety lock to position.


  • Keep the torch away from children, pets, skin, clothing, long hair or anything that may be damaged or burned by the flame.
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