How to Mount Roller Shade Brackets

Roller shades are great for offices, schools and kitchens.

Roller shades brackets are easy to mount.
They are very tidy due to the fact that they can roll themselves away into a small tube that is held in place on top of a window by a roller shade bracket. There are many different types of roller shades, but all of them are mounted by nailing or screwing on two to four brackets into the wall and snapping the roller into place. The process of installing the brackets takes no more than 30 minutes. .

Remove the roller from the bracket kit. Hold it up against the wall 1 inch above your window frame. Hold it horizontally and mark with a pencil where the two tips sit.

Remove the two mounting brackets from the kit. Hold each of them at the pencil marks on the wall. Hold the center hole up against the mark and use the screwdriver to drive a screw from the kit into the wall at the mark over the hole. Tighten it until the brackets are fastened into the wall.

Drive the other screws into the wall where there are holes in the bracket against the wall. Fasten tightly.

Slide the chain over the tracks on one side. Push the assembled roller, with the shades and fabrics rolled and glued on, into the pin bracket (the less complicated bracket with fewer holes) and push it against the tab bracket (the other bracket ) until the roller pops into place. Make sure the side with the chain is inserted into the tab bracket.

Pull down the chain and hold the tie down bracket tight against the chain. Push the bracket against the inside of the window frame and drive a screw into the frame through the hole on the bracket.

Things You Will Need

  • Roller shade bracket kit
  • Screwdriver

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