How to Clean an A/C Filter

During the summer, you are likely to use you're A/C often to help cool down your home. In fact, an air conditioning system can get quite a bit of use during the hot and humid times of the year. If you neglect to clean you're A/C filter when your air conditioner is getting a lot of use, then the filter can get clogged up with dirt and debris, which affect the performance of your A/C. To avoid this, take the time to clean your air conditioning filter a few times during the time of year when you use it most.

Air conditioners work better with clean filters.
  1. Remove the A/C filter. This process can vary depending on your model and whether you have a whole house system or a window air conditioner. Check your owner's manual.

  2. Run the A/C filter under warm running water to remove dust and debris.

  3. Continue holding the filter under the water. When the water starts to run clear, remove the filter.

  4. Lay the filter flat on a towel and wait for it to be completely dry before putting it back inside your air conditioning system.

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