How to Become Qualified to Marry People

Becoming qualified to marry two people has never been easier thanks to the Internet. You don't have to go to school if you want to become ordained. Instead, you can use a number of different services on the Internet to qualify yourself in just a couple of minutes right from the comfort of your own home. However, a more traditional approach, such as attending a seminary, remains an option as well.


  1. Use the online form at Universal Ministries.com. From the main Universal Ministries website (see Resources), click the gray button reading "Become Ordained Now!" Fill out the online form to become legally ordained, which makes you qualified to marry people. The process of getting ordained is free, but if you want to order marriage certificates or any other types of supplies, which you can do so from the website, you will have to purchase one of the packages that range from $35 to $126 as of May 2011.

  2. Become ordained with the Universal Life Church Monastery. From the main website (see Resources), select the link that reads "Ordain Thyself." Fill out the form on the screen to become an ordained minister. The Universal Life Church Monastery also offers a number of marriage related supplies, such as marriage certificates and a certificate for yourself, through their online store.

  3. Use the online ordination form at the Spiritual Humanism website (see Resources). Click the "Ordain Me" button at the bottom of the main Spiritual Humanism website. You will need to fill out the online form with your name, email address, mailing address and other pieces of contact information. When you are finished filling out the form, click "Ordain Me" to become qualified to marry people.

  4. Enroll in a seminary to become officially ordained in the eyes of the church. A seminary is a type of religious college. You must apply the same way you would apply to a regular college, and the requirements for admission will vary depending on the seminary you're trying to attend. Some programs, for example, require you to have a Masters of Arts in Theology. Go to your local church and ask for recommendations about seminaries in your area. Enroll in and complete a Master of Divinity program to become ordained in the eyes of the church.

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