How to Fill Out an Affidavit of Service

The person who delivers service documents on behalf of a law firm or public court is called a process server.

However, delivering the documents to the home of a defendant isn't enough. Most states require the process server to fill out and submit an Affidavit of Service to the court. This involves specifying the exact date and time that the documents were delivered as well as who they were delivered to and where they finally ended up. .

Check with the law firm or public court you work for to find out if they have any blank Affidavit of Service forms they would like you to use. Some places have their own forms that are pre-formatted on their own stationary. If the firm or court does not have their own Affidavit, type your form out on a computer word processing program like Notepad or Microsoft Word.

Type the names of both the plaintiff and the defendant at the top of your Affidavit of Service. This information appears at the top of the documents you have already served or are about to serve. Also at the top of the form include the name of the state the case is based out of, the county and the court (Circuit or District). If you are unsure of this information you can get it all from the law firm.

Type out a statement that includes your name, the words "I served" and the date and exact time at which the documents were served.

Include a second paragraph that includes the title of the documents that were served, who you left them with and the address that the person in question was located at.

Fill out the bottom of the form with your name, address, telephone number and the current date. Print your Affidavit of Service and sign it. Send your form into the court house or drop it off to the court clerk's office directly.

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