How to Make a Bird Feeder From Glass Plates

If you have an old glass plate that you don't use anymore, you can recycle it and turn it into a bird feeder. It makes your yard look more interesting and attracts birds to the area. You will need to drill a hole through the plate and attach it to a rod so it can stand upright. Have another plate standing by because you may break your plate in the process.

Step 1

Lay the plate upside down on a stable surface.

Step 2

Paste a piece of masking tape or painter's tape over the center of the bottom of the plate. The tape helps prevent the drill bit from slipping.

Step 3

Measure the center of the plate and use a pencil to mark the spot on the masking or painter's tape.

Step 4

Wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes.

Step 5

Drill through the marked spot in the center of the glass plate using a glass or tile drill bit. Drill slowly and apply a firm pressure. The drill bit may get hot and you may have to stop and let the drill bit and the glass plate cool down several times.

Step 6

Remove the masking or painter's tape from the bottom of the glass plate.

Step 7

Mark the center of one end of the wooden dowel with a pencil.

Step 8

Drill as deeply as possible into the marked spot with a 1/8-inch wood drill bit.

Step 9

Thread a sheet metal screw through a fender washer, the glass plate and another fender washer.

Step 10

Insert the end of the screw sticking out from the base of the plate into the hole you previously drilled in the end of the wooden dowel.

Step 11

Stick the other end of the wooden dowel into the ground.

Things You Will Need

  • Glass plate
  • Masking tape or painter's tape
  • Pencil
  • Goggles
  • Drill
  • Glass or tile drill bit
  • Wooden dowel, 5/8-inch in diameter
  • 1/8-inch wood drill bit
  • 1 sheet metal screw
  • 2 fender washers


  • You can also use a teacup and a matching saucer for this project. Drill a hole in the center of the teacup and thread the sheet metal screw through this hole as well.

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