How to Use Ajax the Foaming Cleanser

In 1948, Ajax came to the market as a household cleanser. It was dubbed the "Foaming Cleanser" by creative marketing and advertising directors for the Ajax company, though today it is referred to just Ajax. Ajax is a scratch-free bleach powder cleanser created by the Colgate Company that can be used to clean counter tops, floors, bathtubs, grills and garbage cans. It can even remove hard water stains on pots.

Ajax can be used to clean bathroom surfaces.
  1. Cover your hands with rubber gloves. Wet your cleaning sponge using cool water and use it to wet the area you intend to clean. Rinse the sponge again.

  2. Rub the powder onto the surface with your damp sponge, until the cleanser forms a paste. Scrub the Ajax cleanser into the surface where hard stains and grime need to be removed.

  3. Rinse your sponge under warm water. Reapply the sponge to the Ajax-covered surface and continue scrubbing to create bubbles.

  4. Rinse the sponge until the water runs clear. Use the sponge to rinse and remove the Ajax from the cleaned area. Repeatedly rinse out the sponge, as you work.

  5. Dry the cleaned area with a clean, dry towel.


  • Do not mix Ajax with other cleansers to avoid the risk of harmful fumes.
  • Ajax contains chlorine; therefore wash your hands completely before touching your eyes after handling the product.
  • As with any harmful chemical, keep Ajax out of the reach of children.

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