How to Cut Onyx Shower Panels

Samantha Volz

The Onyx Collection, based in Kansas, provides a variety of materials for remodeling a shower and bathtub area, from floor pans to wall panels. When it comes time to install these wall panels, it's generally just a matter of cleaning the surface, lining up everything and gluing the panels in place. However, at times you will need to cut the panels to fit the space. To do this without harming the panels, use the correct blade and saw.

  1. Measure carefully and mark the point at which you need to cut the panels. Remember the adage to measure twice and cut once. Make sure you know where you need to cut, since you can't undo a cut once it is done.

  2. Attach a fine-tooth plywood blade or coarse tooth metal blade into a jigsaw; either type of blade will cut effectively through Onyx products.

  3. Wear protective goggles and a dust mask when cutting through the materials to protect yourself from shrapnel and sawdust.

  4. Activate the jigsaw and apply gentle pressure moving across the cutting line, allowing the saw to work its way gradually across. Do not force the blade or you may tear the panel. Work about halfway through the panel and then deactivate the blade.

  5. Move to the other side of the cutting line and work through the rest of the way with the jigsaw. Working half from each direction will prevent you from having to lean over the blade while it works. Continue until the piece is completely cut.