How to Adjust a Propane Burner

Propane burners ignite with fuel delivered from a tank of liquid propane through a hose and pressure regulator. The hose attaches to a fuel inlet on the appliance equipped with a propane burner, such as a stove, heater or outdoor barbecue grill. An adjustable valve between the hose and the burner controls the flow of propane through the system. Opening the valve increases gas flow, causing the flames to burn hotter. The valve control on the burner is almost always marked so you can make precise burner adjustments.

Use the control knobs on the propane appliance to adjust the burner.
  1. Push in the control knob on the burner appliance to unlock the valve.

  2. Dial the knob clockwise to the "Start" or "Light" position. Ignite the grill normally. For example, on an outdoor gas grill you press the red igniter button to light the burner.

  3. Turn the burner control knob clockwise to increase flame height and heat from the burner. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to reduce propane flow to the burner, causing the flames to decrease in size. Use the markings on the control knob to guide your adjustments.

  4. Return the knob the the upright "Off' position to extinguish the burner. The knob pops out to the locked position, reducing the risk of a gas leak.

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