How to Mount a Picture on a Wall Without Nails

Keep your walls nail-free as you create a gallery of pictures to showcase.

Position the picture so it is eye level.Position the picture so it is eye level.
No need to worry about any damage to the wall as technology provides a simple solution to the dilemma of hanging pictures in an apartment -- even though you might not be able to put a nail into the wall.

Clean the wall where you want to place the picture. Apply isopropyl rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and rub it over the wall area. Let it dry.

Attach the wall fasteners together by pressing down on two of them. A loud snap signals the pieces are joined.

Apply the fasteners to the back of the picture. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as to the number and placement of the fasteners, as an 8-by-10-inch frame receives less fasteners than a heavier 18-by-24-inch frame.

Remove the adhesive liners and place picture on the wall. Press firmly for 30 seconds over the fasteners. Peel the frame off the wall carefully to leave one portion of the fastener to the wall.

Press down on the top of the fastener for 30 seconds, the middle of the fastener for 30 seconds and the bottom of the fastener for 30 seconds. Repeat this procedure for each fastener on the wall to ensure the fasteners are firmly attached.

Set the timer for one hour. When the timer goes off, place the frame on the wall by moving the picture until you hear a click. This signals the frame is secure.

Things You Will Need

  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Cloth
  • Adhesive wall-mounting unit
  • Timer


  • Use heavy double-sided tape to mount small 4-by-6-inch lightweight frames.


  • When in doubt, add more fasteners to the picture.

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