How to Do a Broadway-Themed Bedroom

Melody Dawn

If you are a theater buff or love the bright lights of Broadway, you can mimic that look with your own Broadway-themed bedroom. A Broadway-themed bedroom incorporates rich theater colors with decor inspired by your favorite musicals and Broadway actors and actresses. You can create a Broadway room by simply adding small, subtle touches throughout key areas. Pay attention to walls and your bedding and add a few knickknacks to complete the feeling of being near the stage.

Broadway is famous for its bright lights and musical productions.
  1. Purchase black furniture or paint your existing furniture black. Add theater seating in front of your TV if you have the room.

  2. Paint your room burgundy or deep purple or hang velvet, ceiling-to-floor drapes to look like theater curtains. The rich colors give the appearance of the inside of a theater. If you can find a mural of New York, hang that on one wall in your room. Murals install in sections and are usually prepasted. Dip the mural in water and hang on the wall. Rub from the top of the wall to the floor with a damp sponge to remove all of the air bubbles.

  3. Change the bulbs in your overhead light to a low-wattage bulb or use colored light bulbs for extra ambiance. If you have track lighting, you can have each light a different color. Hang colored Christmas lights at the top of your wall around the whole perimeter of the room. Hang the lights using thumbtacks or staples.

  4. Purchase old records and frame them. Hang them on your wall or hang old movie posters. Also hang posters from your favorite Broadway plays.

  5. Display pictures of movie stars or old ticket stubs and playbills.

  6. Cover your bed in a velvet spread to match your curtains. Place velvet throw pillows on your bed for added decor.