How to Put the Juiceman Together

Caleb Schulte

Juiceman is a brand of fruit and vegetable juice extractor. There are several models available, but each of them has the same core components for the purposes of assembly. These components are the base hub, a juice bowl, a blade with attached basket, the juicer cover, a pulp basket and a food plunger. Certain models also have a juice receptacle. Assembling any model of Juiceman juice extractor can be done with little difficulty.

  1. Ensure that the power cord is not plugged in before attempting to assemble.

  2. Slip the juice bowl onto the base hub. Align the two plastic tabs on the underside of the juice bowl with the slots located on the base hub.

  3. Turn the juice bowl counterclockwise on the base until the column section of the juice bowl aligns with the column with the power switch on the side of the base. The spout coming off the juice bowl should be facing the front of the base hub where the product name and model are printed.

  4. Insert the blade/basket combo onto the base hub within the juice bowl. The hole in the middle of this blade will affix perfectly on the shaft protruding through the middle of the juice bowl. Lightly press down on the blade while turning in a clockwise motion until it clicks into place. Gently test the blade by rotating it back and forth to ensure that it moves freely.

  5. Attach the juicer cover on top of the base unit. Align the column section of the juicer cover so that it's approximately 1 to 2 inches away clockwise from the base power column. Once on the base, gently turn the juicer cover counterclockwise until the column on the cover aligns with the base power column.

  6. Insert the food plunger into the opening on the top of the juicer cover column. There is only one way that the plunger can be inserted.

  7. Attach the pulp basket to the back of the base. Follow the grooves on the back of the unit to slide the basket into place.