Do-it-Yourself Restaining a Deck

Although a wooden deck is durable, it is not immune to the elements in nature. Years of exposure to rain, wind and sun can quickly strip the finish and make a new deck look distressed. With a new coat of stain, however, you can renew the deck's wooden surface and restore its appeal. A coating of waterproof sealant will properly protect the stain and ensure that the deck stands up to the outdoors weather.

Stain a deck and protect it with a waterproof sealant.
  1. Wet the deck with a garden hose. Spray an equal mixture of water and wood cleaner onto the deck with a pump sprayer.

  2. Wait five to seven minutes for the cleaner to break up debris and mildew on the deck. Scrub down the surface with a nylon push broom.

  3. Rinse the deck with a garden hose.

  4. Wait for the deck to dry completely before applying stain. This usually takes three to four hours.

  5. Fill a paint tray with deck stain. Roll the stain onto the deck with a paint roller. Overlap the passes with the roller slightly until the entire surface is completely covered with stain. Allow the stain to dry overnight before continuing.

  6. Fill a pump sprayer with a waterproof wood sealant. Spray it onto the recently stained surface. Apply one even coating of the sealant to waterproof the deck and hold in the stain. Wait at least 24 hours before using the deck.