How to Make Galvanized Steel

Galvanizing of steel is the process of coating zinc over steel. Galvanizing gives corrosion resistance to steel, thereby increasing its lifespan. It also gives steel a shiny finish to improve its aesthetic appeal. This process is commonly used to treat steel rods or steel posts used for construction of roofs and electrical towers. Steel metal sheets used in water tank and roof construction are also galvanized for increasing their usability and improving quality.

Small steel rods are ideal for galvanizing.
  1. Scrub the steel part to be galvanized using a steel wire brush. Carefully remove all the dust, dirt, etc. from the part and put it in the PVC container.

  2. Pour water in the PVC container until the steel is completely submerged. Wear protective gear and remove the steel part to add and dissolve 100 grams of ammonium chloride power in the water. Dip the specific gravity meter to measure the solution. Keep adding and dissolving ammonium chloride power until a reading of 6 to 8 baume is observed on the specific gravity meter.

  3. Wash the steel part in water and immediately dip in the ammonium chloride solution. Leave it submerged for one or two minutes. Pull the part out using tongs and dry it with a hot air dryer.

  4. Place zinc ingots in a retort furnace and set the temperature to 450 degrees Celsius. Wear protective gear at all times. Allow 8 to 10 hours for the zinc to melt. Use the metal tongs to lift the steel part and gently dip it in the molten zinc for at least 30 seconds.

  5. Lift the steel part out of the molten zinc. Hold the part over the retort and allow the excess molten zinc to drain off. Dip the steel part in a cold water tub.


  • Wear heat-resistant protective gear on eyes, face hands and body at all times to avoid serious burn injuries.
  • Wear steel toed shoes at all times to avoid serious burn injuries.
  • Children should not be permitted to perform this experiment.
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