How to Replace a Toro Traction Cable

Toro is a company that makes home and gardening equipment including gasoline-powered machines. The company's products range from snow blowers to lawn mowers. The traction cable or drive belt is important to the operation of such machines. The traction cable of a variety of Toro machines are similarly positioned and easy to replace. You may need to replace a Toro traction cable when the installed cable is frayed or broken. The traction cable is spring-loaded, so take care when installing it.

  1. Switch off the Toro machine and let it cool down. Remove the spark plug wire.

  2. Note the position of the traction cable in the ignition bracket and cable guide. Remove the nut and washer securing the cable to the bracket with a socket set. Slip out the end of the cable from the traction control handle of the Toro machine, then remove the cable.

  3. Release the old traction cable from where it is secured on the Toro machine. Move the machine on its side if the cable is secured beneath the machine. Release the spring bolt from the transmission bracket. Pull the old traction cable out.

  4. Secure the spring head of the new traction cable in the same place from where the old one came out. Attach the spring bolt of the new cable into the transmission bracket.

  5. Slip the new cable through the cable guides and secure its end into the traction control handle. Run the new cable through the cable guide and hold it down with the ignition bracket. Bolt back the guide with its nut and washer using a socket set.

  6. Reconnect the spark plug wire and switch on the Toro machine.