How to Move a Couch Down Stairs

Moving a large piece of furniture, like a couch, downstairs can be challenging.
Moving a couch downstairs properly takes precision and caution.Moving a couch downstairs properly takes precision and caution.
You need to take the couch, the stairs, walls, and your safety into consideration during the move. Relocating a couch, even when maneuvering down a staircase, is a relatively simple process,though it typically takes a little muscle and the help of a dolly.

Step 1

Place both hands beneath one end of the couch and lift it in the air by approximately six inches. Gauge how easy or difficult it was for you to lift one side of the couch on your own. If lifting the couch takes little effort, you probably require just one helper. If the couch is difficult to budge, enlist the aid of up to five helpers to assist you in the move.

Step 2

Move any household items, including furnishings, toys or rugs, that lie in the path of relocating the sofa. Any obstruction on the floor can lead to trips or other accidents.

Step 3

Cover the sofa in a large blanket to protect it from scratches or other damage during the relocation. Tie a length of rope around the sofa to help secure the blanket and to give you a tighter grip around the sofa.

Step 4

Move the end of the sofa toward the stairs in a forward position. Ask your helpers to push from the side facing away from the stairs until the couch tilts toward the stairs.

Step 5

Push the sofa forward slowly until it slides onto the stairs. Carry the sofa down the stairs with half of your helpers on one side of the couch and the other half of the helpers at the other end. Coordinate taking each step with your helpers to keep the downward motion smooth. Once down the stairs, move the couch into the necessary location.

Things You Will Need

  • Dolly
  • Rope
  • Blanket
  • Couch