How to Wire a Char-Broil Ignitor

That familiar click and no spark is not good news for the griller. Instead of grabbing that extra-long lighter, replace the ignitor in your grill and avoid this problem in the future. It's a relatively simple procedure that requires very few tools to accomplish.

The ignitor in your barbecue grill can be replaced with relative ease.
  1. Make sure the gas is shut off on the grill. Locate the ignitor, which should be next to the burner inside the grill.

  2. Grasp the wire connecting the ignitor to the push button and pull it loose.

  3. Use the wire pliers to loosen the retaining nut on the ignitor.

  4. Remove the old ignitor and put the new ignitor in its place. Reattach the retainer nut.

  5. Slide the wire back over the terminal on the new ignitor.

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