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How to Keep an Old Recliner Covered With a Blanket

Victoria Bailey

If you've got a disreputable recliner in your home that a certain someone won't let you throw away, disguise it with an attractive blanket throw. While linen stores offer custom throw covers for recliners, deep down inside you know that chair isn't worth the cost. Choose an attractive quilt or throw that matches your living room furniture, and use an old decorator trick to keep the blanket from sliding off the recliner every time you use it.

Cover an old recliner with an attractive blanket throw.
  1. Cut three, 12-inch pieces from a broom handle or 1-inch dowel. Smooth off the cut ends with sandpaper to remove any rough edges or splinters.

  2. Center the blanket over the recliner so the front and sides are covered all the way to the floor. The blanket should hang at least 18 inches over the back.

  3. Push dowels on top of the blanket between the chair and the seat cushion on all three sides. Push the dowels down until they're seated beneath the cushion. The cushion will expand to meet the chair, covering up the dowels. The dowels will hold the blanket in place when you sit in the chair.

  4. Pin the blanket overhang to the back of the recliner. This keeps the back portion of the blanket in place when you sit in the chair.