How to Build Your Own Screened Gazebo

A gazebo is an outdoor structure that is hexagonal or octagonal in shape and has open or screened sides. Gazebos are usually constructed out of wood with a fixed floor and a roof. They are a long-standing feature in public parks and are used for outdoor weddings. Homeowners build small gazebos in their yards as decoration and provide a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Installing screens on the gazebo can protect you from insects while you sit inside.

A gazebo can provide much-needed shade on a hot summer day.

Step 1

Purchase a gazebo kit form an online retailer or brick-and-mortar retail store. The kit includes fasteners and bolts needed to assemble the gazebo and have the largest pieces, like the roof and floor panels, preassembled.

Step 2

Build a foundation for the gazebo. You can construct piers for the gazebo by digging holes in the ground and filling them with concrete or by building a concrete slab for the gazebo to sit upon.

Step 3

Place the floor panels on the ground face-down. Assemble the floor and connect the different panels with the provided hardware.

Step 4

Flip the floor over and move it onto the foundation.

Step 5

Slide the roof support beams into place in the floor but do not fasten them to the floor.

Step 6

Slide a wall panel into place between two of the roof supports and screw it into place. Repeat this until all of the wall panels have been installed.

Step 7

Screw the roof support beams to the gazebo floor.

Step 8

Place the roof trusses into position on top of the support beams and connect them where they meet in the center and connect to the roof support beams.

Step 9

Place the roof panels onto the trusses and attach them with screws.

Step 10

Screw the screens to the gazebo walls.

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