How to Get Baked-On Stains Off a Glass Top Stove

Glass stove tops are known for their smooth ceramic finish, which provides excellent heat retention.

Regular cleaning keeps glass stove tops sanitary.Regular cleaning keeps glass stove tops sanitary.
This smooth ceramic surface is subject to food spills, which inadvertently occur during meal preparation. Heat causes spilled foods to bake onto glass stove tops, resulting in stubborn stains. Aside from making glass stove tops look dingy, baked-on food stains attract insects and therefore make glass stove tops unsanitary. Promptly remove baked-on stains from glass stove tops to restore their appearance.

Remove any crumbs and spills from the stove top before focusing on the baked-on grime. Spray commercial stove top cleaner liberally over the stove top, and then wipe the stove top with a dishrag.

Attempt to scrape off the baked-on stains using a wooden spoon. Loosen as much baked-on grime as possible.

Wet a fresh dishrag with water. Sprinkle plain baking soda liberally onto the wet dishrag.

Scrub the remaining baked-on food residue with the baking soda-covered dishrag until the grime comes loose.

Saturate a fresh dishrag with water. Wipe the dishrag over the glass stove top to remove the loosened food particles and baking soda.

Wipe the glass stove top with a dry towel until all moisture is gone.

Things You Will Need

  • Commercial stove top cleaner
  • 3 dishrags
  • Wooden spoon
  • Baking soda
  • Dry towel


  • Abrasive products scratch glass stove tops.
  • Ammonia, bleach and other caustic household products discolor glass stove tops.

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