How to Remove the Soap Drawer From an LG Tromm

The LG Tromm is a front-loading steam washer. The dispenser soap drawer has separate compartments for liquid bleach, liquid fabric softener, pre-wash detergent and main wash detergent. Over time, the residue from the various detergent leave a film that requires cleaning. Cleaning the compartments thoroughly require removing the soap drawer from the LG Tromm. The drawer uses a release button instead of a lever that you find on other brands. The key is finding the release button to remove the drawer.

Step 1

Grasp the dispenser soap drawer with your fingers, and fully extend the drawer.

Step 2

Find the release button to the right of the liquid bleach compartment. The bleach compartment is the upper left compartment. Press the button with your thumbs. Pull the dispenser soap drawer completely from the LG Tromm.

Step 3

Pull out the individual compartments from inside the dispenser soap drawer.

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