How to Hang a Shelf

Adding storage or display space in your home can be a snap. Here's how to mount a simple wooden shelf and two brackets to a wall.

  1. Buy a wooden shelf from a home-improvement store. Buy shelf brackets - simple L shapes or something more decorative - making sure that the top leg of the bracket is no longer than the shelf is deep.

  2. Buy screws if you don't have a supply at home or if they don't come with the brackets (see Tips).

  3. Find the wall studs; you'll fasten the brackets to them (see 'eHow to Locate Wall Studs').

  4. Determine where you want the bottom edge of the shelf to sit, then mark the position in pencil, using a carpenter's level as a guide.

  5. Line up the top of each bracket with the pencil line and mark the attachment holes on the wall. Set the bracket aside.

  6. Test-drill the holes to make sure they are going into wood rather than wallboard. If there is no stud in a convenient place and the shelf is not going to carry more than a few pounds, you may be able to settle for using hollow-wall anchors (see 'eHow to Install Screws and Anchors in Walls').

  7. Attach the brackets to the wall, lay your shelf on top, and screw the bracket into the shelf.