The Disadvantages of Maple Hardwood Floors

Maple hardwood flooring is the second most popular type of hardwood floor after oak hardwood flooring, according to the Luxury Housing Trends website.

Humidity and Temperature

Maple hardwood floors can add style to your decor.
These floors add elegance and style to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Durability and strength are two of the advantages of maple hardwood floors – but there also are disadvantages, including cost and upkeep. .

Areas in which humidity is an issue may not be suitable for hardwood floors. When there is a lot of humidity in a home the hardwood floor absorbs moisture, causing it to expand. This can cause the floor to buckle and cup, according to the World Floor Covering Association. When it's cold outside and warm inside, maple hardwood floors can start to shrink or contract. This causes gaps to appear in the floor, creating an unattractive look.


Maple hardwood possesses a light, natural color that yellows over time and allows scratches to show easily. High heel shoes may cause scratches and dents, as can the claws of dogs and cats. Pets with claws can leave many scratches on hardwood that cause the floor to look unattractive or require refinishing.


Cost is one of the biggest disadvantages associated with maple hardwood floors. There are a number of factors that contribute to the overall cost of this flooring, which can run as high as $8 per square foot before installation, according to the This Old House website. If your subfloor is not in good condition, it will need to be it prepped for hardwood installation, according to the World Floor Covering Association. Furthermore, it can be expensive to upkeep maple hardwood floors because of the regular cleanings necessary to maintain the beauty of the floor.


If you have small children, maple hardwood floors may not be the best option. This type of flooring is much harder than carpeting, which makes it a less-than-ideal play surface for toddlers and infants. Spills must be cleaned immediately to prevent moisture from accumulating. Maple hardwood flooring is not recommended for the bathroom because of the moisture issues associated with this surface, according to the Apartment Ratings website.

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