The Igniter on the GE Gas Cooktop Is Not Working

Gas cooktops are lit by igniter switches governed by modules that send a spark to the flowing gas, setting it aflame. The igniter switch itself is made up of several components, including electrical wires and the spark module. If any of the components aren’t working properly, your burner won’t light. Some switches can be repaired by the owner, and others will require a repair professional. Either way, though, it’s usually a quick fix to getting your cooktop working again.

About the Ignitor Switch

Igniter switches can fail, causing burners not to light

The igniter switch can fail at several points. The wires themselves may have pulled away from their contacts and are thus not getting energy; the wires may have gone bad and aren’t carrying power anymore; or the spark module may be wet or damaged. Always unplug your range before working on it. The first thing to try is to check on the igniter. With GE ranges, you can access the igniter by looking into the side of the burner. If the igniter is wet, you need to have it replaced or replace it yourself.

Cleaning the Igniter

If the igniter is dirty, cleaning it may help. Using a dry toothbrush or other small brush, remove any food, dust or other debris that is in the igniter. Use a needle to remove anything blocking the igniter. Plug the cooktop back in, and see if the burner lights.

Testing the Switch

If the igniter is clean and still not working, you can test the switch. This requires access to the inner electrical workings of your range. If you’re not comfortable working with the wires and circuitry, don’t worry; a GE repair technician can take care of this for you. If you do have some experience and are comfortable with this, plug the cooktop back in. Turn on a working burner at the same time you turn on the non-working burner. If the non-working burner now comes on, the burner's switch needs to be replaced.

Testing the Module

If the switches don’t seem to be working, try turning on each burner for a few seconds, then off again. If none of them spark, the problem is with the igniter module, and it should be replaced. If none of these works, it’s time to call in the repair technician to test the igniters themselves and check the wiring.