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What Is the Size of a Standard One Piece Shower Tub?

Ginger Yapp
Table of Contents

While there are standard dimensions for a one piece shower tub, units are also available in several different sizes, materials, and colors.

What Is the Size of a Standard One Piece Shower Tub

A one-piece shower tub -- often made of acrylic or fiberglass -- consists of a bathtub, a shower and side walls and comes as one big unit. There is no separation between the pieces, and the shower tub combo often comes with built-in shelves. These units are often purchased because of their utility and for the ease of their installation.


A one-piece shower tub is an economical choice, as buying the product in one big piece costs less than buying a bath tub, installing a shower head and tiling the walls. Because of this, it also makes for a quicker, easier installation. Shower tub combos require less cleaning maintenance than a normal tubs, because you don't have to worry about mold and leaks in your tile.


The standard size for a one-piece shower tub is different after the model is installed. Before installation, the dimensions are 60 inches wide, 31 inches deep and 73 3/4 inches high. Due to flooring and wall material dimensions, after unit has been installed it is still 60 inches wide but the depth and height will have changed. After installation, the tub-shower combo will be 29 3/4 inches deep and have an overall height of 72 1/2 inches.



The thickness of a fiberglass shower tub's base and walls also varies according to model and brand. This slight variation in thickness does not change the unit's dimensions but can affect the unit's durability and longevity. Less expensive units may be flimsier and crack more easily than more expensive, thicker models. For a heavier homeowner, it can be beneficial to have a shower tub with a thicker, sturdier base.

Not all one-piece shower tubs come in that aforementioned standard size; you can also find them in slightly different sizes. Bigger, taller people may prefer a model that comes with the same width and depth but with a height of 76 1/4 inches or even 79 3/4 inches. A few models come with more depth; for example, you can find models with a depth of 72 inches instead of the standard 60.

Other Considerations

The tubs also may be ideal for people with disabilities; some manufacturers make models customized with hand rails and and seats built in. When selecting a shower-tub combination, it's important to make sure that the unit will fit through the doors of your house and bathroom, because the product cannot be dissembled. According to Keidel, which sells these units, shower-tubs are usually installed in new homes during construction. The unit is put into place before the framing goes in.