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1992 Fleetwood 28X60 Manufactured Home Specs

Pharaba Witt
Table of Contents

Fleetwood Homes built a number of models in 1992 in the 28-by-60 configuration, all part of the 4603 line. Some of the homes are quite similar and can be customized with a particular layout. Some differ only in name, depending on the region in which they were marketed.

Manufactured homes offer better pricing by utilizing a controlled building environment.

Square Footage

The homes in the 4603 line range from 1,539 square feet to 1,599 square feet. The difference in the usable square footage comes from the different layouts.


All models featured three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bedroom came with an attached bathroom with a soaking tub. All models offered a large master closet and a utility room.

Americana and Festival II

Models such as the Americana offered stretch options for the bathroom or master bedroom to make them larger. The Festival II offered room adjustments. It came standard with three bedrooms and a den but the den could be changed to a sunroom or fourth bedroom. This model also allowed for a regular master bath or a “glamour” version with an extra large soaking tub and wrap-around mirrors.

Harbor Springs Model

The Harbor Springs Model added a family room to the mix, giving both a living room and family room. The third bedroom could be replaced with a den. The Green Hill Series focused on those who like to cook, offering a large kitchen with an interior island area. There is even room for a second oven.


The interior of the home could be customized with counters, flooring, wall coverings, fixtures, and just about anything else. The amount of custom work determined how long the home took to build. All homes could be put up in seven days or less.