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The Top Shelf of My Freezer Is Not Freezing

Chris Newton

Freezers are convenient ways to store food for extended periods of time. However, when a freezer or part of a freezer stops working, it can cause a mess. A number of quick fixes can help the problem of a top shelf in the freezer not freezing. In some cases, you might need to call a technician or call the manufacturer. If the freezer is still under warranty, then the repairs or replacement should not cost you anything.


Freezers come in many shapes and sizes, though most troubleshooting tips apply to most freezers.

The effects of a top shelf in a freezer not freezing can be minimal or dramatic. If the freezer is frozen over and then melts, the melted water can freeze over food in lower portions of the freezer, or it could leak and cause a mess in your kitchen. Also, food stored on the top shelf can spoil if the freezer is not working properly. You need to discard this spoiled food.

Check Freezer Settings

Many freezers come with a dial or digital settings panel. If your freezer stops working properly, check these settings. Look at the temperature setting. If it is turned up, then it might be set too high for the top shelf to freeze. Turn it to a colder setting and see if that helps.

Check Door and Plug

If your freezer door has been open, the top shelf or other parts of the freezer might not freeze properly. Check to ensure the freezer door closes properly and forms a tight seal. Even a small opening can cause warm air to get into the freezer and prevent freezing. Also, it is best to plug your freezer into a dedicated power outlet to maximize the energy dedicated to the freezer. Insufficient power supply can cause the freezer to malfunction. If you recently experienced a power outage, make sure the freezer outlet is still functional. Also, check the circuit box in your house to make sure the outlet did not short. Then, plug it back in and give it a day or so to refreeze. Power surges, outages or other electrical issues can cause malfunction in the freezer.


If you have an old freezer not covered by a warranty, it might be time to replace it. Freezer repairs might not be worth the money if you can just buy a new one that includes a warranty. Once the freezer starts to malfunction, the freezer will start to cost you more money by using more electricity and ruining your frozen food. The sooner you can replace it, the better.