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Difference Between Economy & Standard Jacuzzi

Jimmy Boyd

A jacuzzi can liven up the atmosphere of your home while providing a relaxing alternative to a normal bathtub. However, homeowners must also consider the amount of electricity a jacuzzi uses. Some models have both "standard" and "economy" modes. While the economy mode can save on electricity, you should consider other pros and cons of these jacuzzi modes when making a selection.

Standard Mode Basics

Jacuzzi hot tubs typically have both a standard and economy mode.

Jacuzzi manufacturers program the standard mode to keep the water at your desired temperature. The water may drop below the set temperature for a while because the heater turns off when the temperature is reached. However, the heater turns back on when the water temperature drops to keep the water at the set temperature.

Economy Mode Basics

The economy mode allows the water to drop below the set temperature in order to conserve electricity. The amount it drops below the set temperature depends on the jacuzzi model. Some models allow the temperature to drop up to 20 degrees. Others do not let it drop more than 15 degrees below the set amount. Your own jacuzzi may have a different setting for this temperature drop. On some jacuzzi models, the heater will turn on during water filtration cycles even in economy mode. These cycles total about two to five hours each day.

Setting the Temperature Mode

If a jacuzzi has both standard and economy modes, you can set the mode using the jacuzzi control panel. Of course, this process will differ based on the model. However, your owner's manual will generally have instructions about how to choose standard or economy mode.

Standard Mode Pros and Cons

The advantage of a jacuzzi standard mode is convenience. You can use your hot tub at any time at your preferred temperature. The disadvantage is that standard mode uses more electricity because the tub is operating at all times to maintain the higher water temperature.

Economy Mode Pros and Cons

The main advantage to economy mode is energy conservation. You will generally use less electricity because the heater turns off for a longer period of time. The disadvantage is that the water temperature may be too low for you to enjoy until you switch to standard mode and heat up the water. You can expect to wait about 30 to 60 minutes for the water to heat up to your set temperature.

Choosing a Mode

Many people have a reason to use both modes at different times. Obviously, when you do not expect to use your jacuzzi for several hours or overnight, you can save electricity by putting it in economy mode. However, owners who entertain frequent guests or have large families may prefer to use the standard mode most of the time. This would ensure convenient use of the jacuzzi for all users at any time. Ultimately, you must assess how frequently you or others use the jacuzzi to determine whether and when the economy mode is desirable for your personal situation.