How to Use a Goodwill Clothes Drop-Off Box

Instead of allowing unwanted clothing items to become unnecessary clutter in your home, you may consider donating them to Goodwill by placing them into a local drop box. By choosing to use one of the many conveniently-located, clothing-donation boxes, your unwanted items will be donated to a reputable charity.

Acceptable Donations

Donation of unwanted clothing is a great way to reduce clutter.
It is imperative that donated clothing is clean and dry.

While nearly all clothing donations are accepted by Goodwill, the organization does ask that clothing is either washed or dry-cleaned and unsoiled. Goodwill stores will only be able to place merchandise that meets the organization's quality guidelines the sales floor. By donating clothing items that do not meet the criteria, time is lost by those employees who sort through them. Look on the bright side -- it will be the last time that you ever have to wash those items.

Goodwill Locations

The convenient Goodwill locator will point you in the right direction.

You may have already noticed a clothing drop box in your area, and if this happens to be the case, you are set for the next step. If you need assistance in locating the nearest drop box, Goodwill (goodwill.org) offers a location feature. By first inputting your zip code, all types of Goodwill locations within your area will be displayed. In order to narrow the search for clothing drop-off boxes, simply choose the "Donation Center" icon and the map will be refreshed.

Drop Off

It may be necessary to place loose clothing into the drop box.

In order to keep your donation in acceptable condition, all items must be placed inside of the drop box. If the box or bag of clothing is too large to place through the opening, remove the items and place them separately into the drop-off bins. Leaving items next to donation bins in the parking lot may result in damp or soiled items.

What Happens Next?

Goodwill's online calculators lend understanding to the value of your contributions.

Once the clothing has been sorted, priced, placed on the rack and sold at Goodwill stores, 84 percent of the funds are applied toward employment and training programs. In order to give those who are thinking about donating items a better idea of what their charitable contributions can accomplish, Goodwill offers the opportunity to "Calculate The Impact of Your Donation" on its website.

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