Double-wide Front Porch Ideas

Dressing up the front of a double-wide mobile home with a porch allows you to create a comfortable, homey space.


The addition of a porch provides you with more living space and an area to enjoy the outdoors with friends. Double-wide manufactured houses tend to look alike, but with the addition of a porch, you can create a space that displays your personal taste and style. .

The location of the front door on the side of a double-wide mobile home creates the perfect opportunity to create a porch that extends the length of the manufactured home. Many homeowners position the double wide in a sideways arrangement to give the mobile the appearance of a traditional manufactured house. A porch that covers the entire side of the trailer creates a larger space for decoration and an area to sit and enjoy the view. A porch that extends the length of the mobile home disguises the underside area of the structure, creating the appearance of a traditional home.

Enclosing the Porch

Enclose the porch to create a three-season room for the mobile home. Closing in the porch allows you to enjoy the porch on cold and rainy days. A porch enclosure also provides privacy when you are enjoying a meal with friends on the porch and provides shade on hot summer days.


Fill the porch with flowers and greenery for a colorful outdoor decor on your porch. Hang baskets of flowers and plants from the porch roof to fill the space with a blaze of color. Fill the porch floor with planters and pots to create a garden atmosphere in the front of your home. Filling the porch with plants can also help to disguise the manufactured appearance of the home.


The furniture you select for your porch depends on the way you plan to use the area. For example, if the porch is primarily a place to sit and enjoy the view, a few chairs and small table are sufficient. You can also add a table and chair for dining on your front porch during the warmer weather. A porch swing or glider gives the front of the double-wide trailer an old-fashioned country appearance.

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