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Whirlpool Electric Super Capacity 465 Oven Keeps Shutting Off

Jamie Lisse

The Whirlpool Electric Super Capacity 465 oven is part of a self-cleaning electric range model. Intended for consumer use, the appliance usually bakes and broils with no problems. When you encounter a problem with the oven shutting off during use, the cause may be something that you can troubleshoot on your own. In serious cases, the assistance of an electrician or qualified appliance technician may be required.

Tripped Breaker or Blown Fuse

If you are having an electrical problem, such as a power surge, the oven shutting off may be a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Confirm this by looking in your home’s breaker box or fuse box. If you see a tripped breaker, reset it. If your home has a fuse box instead, replace any blown fuses. Consult a local electrician if the problem continues, as it points to an electrical issue and not an issue with the oven.

Problem With Power Outlet

The power outlet that powers the stove may be the source of the problem. It is possible to have a bad outlet while the rest of the electrical outlets in the home work fine. Attempt to test it yourself by trying to use a surface burner on the unit. If the burner comes on and stays on, the outlet is likely fine. If you experience the same problem with the burner shutting off, the outlet may be bad. You can call in a local electrician to look at the outlet and test it for you.

Electronic Controls Not Set Properly

It is possible that your electronic controls for the oven are not set properly, which is causing it to shut off when you want it to stay on. After selecting your temperature on the electronic control panel, you must push the “Start” button. If you fail to press that button, the oven will automatically go off and clear your temperature setting. You also may have set the "Meal Timer" function by accident. If you push the “Cook Time” button after selecting your temperature and before you press “Start,” the oven can stop by itself. The default cook time is 30 minutes, which means that after the 30 minutes are up, the oven will beep four times and shut off. To prevent this from happening, do not use the “Cook Time” function or set a longer period after the button is pushed. Use the up and down arrow keys for hours and minutes.

Error Code

Two different types of error codes can display on the oven’s control panel. If you see the “PF” error code, it means that there has been a power failure. This error code you will usually see if there has been a storm and your power has gone out. Press the “Off/Cancel” button to clear this error code and you can resume using the oven as normal. It should work fine. The other type of error code you can see starts with an “F” followed by a number. If one of these error codes appears, push the “Off/Cancel” button and attempt to use the oven as normal. If you encounter the error code again, it means you have an internal component failure in the appliance. When this occurs, you need to have the unit serviced by a qualified appliance repair professional. If you don’t have someone local to call, set up an appointment with Whirlpool at 800-253-1301.