Why Is Water Shooting out of My A/C Inside the House?

Water leaking from an air conditioner inside the house means there is an issue with the condensation draining system.

Window Air Conditioner

Air conditioners remove heat and humidity from indoor air and dispose of it outside.
Air conditioners do not employ water in cooling the air inside your home, and water only enters the system through the accumulation of condensation. Depending on what kind of air conditioner you have and where the water is emanating from, there may be a few potential causes of your problem. .

A window air conditioner that is shooting water inside the house may be pitched incorrectly. Window air conditioner cases are designed so that they have a slight outward pitch, directing condensation and rain water away from the home. If the air conditioner becomes pitched incorrectly, water can pour out of the condensation pan and leak in through the window. Ensure the air conditioner is seated flush on the window sill, and the interior molding is not causing the unit to pitch inward.

Wall Air Conditioner

A wall air conditioner, just as with window models, can leak water when it is improperly pitched. However, wall air conditioners are designed to be mounted in the wall and kept stationary. If an existing air conditioner has suddenly begun shooting water inside the house, it is unlikely to be a problem of pitch. Remove the front panel of the air conditioner and check the condensation pan for signs of clogs. Over time, dirt and debris can clog up the drain in the pan and cause overflows. Use a pipe cleaner to ream out the first few inches of the condensation pan drain and replace the front panel before testing the unit.

Central Air Conditioner: Condensation Pan

The condensation pan is located in the air handler, typically in the attic. It sits beneath the refrigerant coils and catches condensation as it drains. The condensation is then pumped from the pan through a drain and is disposed of outside the home. A malfunctioning condensation pump or leak in the drain line can cause water to shoot out of the drain in the attic. Trace the source of the leak and repair or replace the drain as necessary.

Central Air Conditioner: Registers

Water emanating from central air conditioning registers may be caused by a clogged air filter. If the air conditioner cannot pull in sufficient air to be cooled and dehumidified, the air handler cannot perform its function properly. This can lead to humid air being blown through to the ducts and condensation forming on the air registers. Clean or replace the air filter regularly as recommended by your user manual.

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