How Much Room Is Needed to Install a 67-Inch Drop-In Jacuzzi Tub?

Alexis Lawrence

If you'd like a hot-tub experience in your own bathroom, install a Jacuzzi tub. A Jacuzzi tub has jets on the inside walls that provide a hydro-massage to soothe aching muscles. Since Jacuzzi tubs are larger than standard tubs though -- with the standard size, 67 inches in length -- you must have more room than the space required for a standard tub.


Aside from the size of the tub itself, consider the amount of space you'd like around the edges of the tub. Jacuzzi tubs require framing to cover the tub's exterior, but you get to decide the amount of space that framing takes up. The amount of framework around the tub may vary for each side as well, such as using only 1 inch on the back against the wall, and 3 to 4 inches around the remaining edges. To accommodate a 67-inch tub with a 40-inch width and the tub's framing, provide 73 inches of space for the length and approximately 46 inches for the width.


Other standard bathroom fixtures create the main obstacles to installing a 67-inch Jacuzzi tub. To make way for the tub, you may need to move other fixtures, like the sink and toilet. If you don't have experience redirecting pipes, hire a plumber to make these transitions to prevent leaks and other plumbing issues. If a Jacuzzi tub won't fit into a bathroom due to other fixtures, consider creating a space for the sink outside of the bathroom to make room.


Jacuzzi tubs vary slightly in height. Use the marked height of the Jacuzzi tub to determine the vertical space that the tub requires. When you frame and install a Jacuzzi tub, you don't elevate the tub in the frame. The bottom of the tub sits directly on the floor’s surface and the frame installs to the floor around it, so you don’t need to account for any additional height. Since you cannot alter the height of a Jacuzzi tub, your options for curtains or doors around the tub are limited by the height between the top of the tub and the ceiling.


When installing a 67-inch Jacuzzi tub in a bathroom, one of the most trying parts of the process may be getting the bathtub through the door. Due to the large size of Jacuzzi bathtubs, the tubs may not fit through a bathroom door frame, no matter which way you angle it. If this is the case, you will likely have to remove part of a wall to get the bathtub into the bathroom.