Trim Options for the Bottom of a Plastic Shower Surround

Trimming the area surrounding the bottom of a plastic shower surround presents loads of options and choices in materials.


Dress up your shower surround with a decorative trim treatment.Dress up your shower surround with a decorative trim treatment.
The key is to decide whether you want the trim to stand out and make a statement, or whether you want to go for a more subtle and understated look. Whichever material you choose, make sure it blends well with the other textures, colors and the ambiance you want your bathroom to reflect.

Tile is a choice that presents many options in color, shape and texture. You can choose a tile that matches existing tile on wall surfaces and other areas of the bathroom. You can opt for a color splash and use multiple colors, such as a palette of blue shades reminiscent of the aqua-blue waters of the Caribbean. You also can go for a more decorative look and use tiles that have graphic designs, sea animals or floral treatment. The choices for tile are almost limitless.

Glass Blocks

Glass blocks are another good choice to trim the shower. They work well in bathrooms that have a contemporary design. The transparency of the glass ties in to the transparency of water. Used as a border trim, glass tiles will make a handsome treatment to frame your shower.

Metal Trim

If your bathroom is decorated with metal knobs with gold, silver or pewter trimmings, you can coordinate the look by adding a strip of metal trim beneath the shower. Stay with the flow that you currently have. For example, if you have gold-plated faucets and fixtures, use a gold-plated metal trim around the shower for a luxurious look.

Plastic Flange

Plastic flange strips are readily available at most home improvement stores. The good thing about plastic is that you don’t have to worry about it tarnishing and it’s very easy to clean and maintain. You can also flex and mold the flange strips to fit curved edges, if your surround has a round or curved shape. Plastic flanges are a good choice if you are decorating a rental property or the bathroom for a spare or guest bath. You can give the shower a nice trim and finish without breaking the bank.

Flexible Plastic Molding

If you want to step up from a simple plastic flange trim, consider plastic molding. Like flange, some plastic molding is flexible. This makes it easy to work with to create a curved look. Unlike flange, however, plastic molding is decorative. Strips come in many sizes and you can use multiple strips to give the area surrounding your shower a classy look. For example, you can use a wide strip with a raised design, and use strips on the top or bottom that have a curved shape and create a built-up customized trim treatment to border the shower.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles give you a choice to go contemporary or stately. For example, slate will enhance the look of a shower in a bathroom with silver or chrome fixtures and enhance a contemporary design. Marble or travertine are good choices if you want to opt for opulence, and since the amount of tile you need will be relatively small, the cost of using genuine natural stone tiles can allow you to splurge a bit.

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