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How to Find the Serial Number on a Kohler Faucet

Taylor DiVico

Kohler is a trademark brand known for luxury kitchen and bath appliances that combine elegant designs and function. The serial number or product number on Kohler faucets is simple to find and allows customers to locate information regarding their particular faucet.

You can access Kohler faucet information online using the product number.

Step 1

Find the Kohler cold water supply line. It's made of copper and has a white tag around it that says “Cold.”

Step 2

Look on the opposite side of the white tag to find the product number (P/N). Kohler refers to the serial or model number of a faucet as the product number.

Step 3

Write down the Kohler faucet P/N, a combination of nine letters and numbers. Use the product number to access model information such as warranty or service specifics.