How to Fix an Amana Dishwasher Stuck on Lock

Mario Calhoun

The Amana dishwasher is an Energy Star qualified appliance that cleans soiled dishes and cookware using five cleaning options based on the type of cleaning load, and automatically latches during the cleaning process to ensure proper cleaning. The dishwasher lock can stick while a cycle is in progress, and it can be fixed through basic troubleshooting depending on the source of the problem. Complex issues outside of basic troubleshooting require repair by an authorized Amana technician who can safely identity and eliminate issues.

Interrupted Power

An interrupted cleaning cycle caused by power failure in your home affects the dishwasher's ability to operate and can result in a stuck lock while the appliance is in use. Power problems in your home occur when the electric circuit is overloaded with appliances and results in your circuit breaker shutting off or a blown fuse. Limit the number of appliances connected to your electric outlet while running the dishwasher to prevent power failure, and reset your circuit breaker to restore electricity to the appliance. If using a fuse box, the blown fuse must be replaced with a new fuse to restore power. A time-delay fuse can help reduce the frequency of power failure and can be used instead of a standard fuse.

Running Cycle

The dishwasher latches when the door is securely shut. The door can be opened only until the appliance's main wash begins to clean your dishes. Once the main wash begins, the door remains locked until the cleaning cycle is finished, as water would otherwise spill out of your dishwasher if the door were opened. Manually turning the cycle knob to "OFF" disables the appliance's door latch after the water is drained and eliminates stuck cleaning cycles.

Dish Overload

The dishwasher is equipped to hold no more than what can fit in the appliance's racks and may become stuck during the cleaning cycle if the machine is overloaded. An overloaded dishwasher resets itself and remains locked until the cleaning cycle can resume. Call Amana customer service at (800) 843-0304 to schedule a service appointment if the dishwasher remains stuck after the reset, as the dishwasher may be in need of repair or replacement.

Drain Gap

The drain air gap found near your kitchen sink may be blocked, preventing the dishwasher from draining its dirty water and keeping the appliance in lock mode. The drain air gap can be cleaned or adjusted by pushing the ball inside the drain gap to clear the opening. Once cleared, the dishwasher drains the water and completes the cleaning cycle.