How to Make a Refrigerator Lock

Meredith Jameson

While a refrigerator is often one of the most used appliances in a kitchen, sometimes owners may not want the refrigerator to be accessed or used. When this happens, there are a few ways to lock the refrigerator and prevent others, such as children, from changing settings or using the appliance.

Control Lock

Some refrigerators come with a control lock already built in.

Refrigerators with an electronic control panel on the freezer door often have a control lock function. This feature prevents others from using the dispensers or accessing the key pads when the lock is engaged. On most models, press and hold the “Lock” key pad for 3 seconds or more to turn on the control lock. Repeat the same step to release the lock and access the controls.

Refrigerator Safety Lock

Sometimes the problem is a child that opens the refrigerator or freezer and gets into the appliance when they are not supposed to. In this case, a lock that closes the refrigerator or freezer door and prevents the door from being opened may be necessary. These locks are often sold from child safety retailers or in hardware or home retail stores. Installed on the refrigerator door, the lock has a latch that engages with a housing that is placed on the side of the refrigerator, preventing the door from opening.

Refrigerator Key Lock

Another type of refrigerator lock is an actual lock that attaches to two metal parts that attach to the refrigerator side and door. The handles of the two parts are brought together and secured with a deadbolt with a key. This type of lock is commonly used for refrigerators that store prescriptions, scientific material or any other entry-control substance and can be purchased online or in some appliance stores.

Locking a Refrigerator for Storage

When storing a refrigerator for a long period of time in a garage or other storage facility, you may want to lock the doors to prevent animals or children from crawling inside the unit. While keeping the doors closed may encourage mildew growth, safety of pets and children comes first. Use a strong tape to secure the doors together or to the side of the refrigerator to keep the appliance locked down during storage. Never store a refrigerator on the back or side, as this may cause a dangerous leak of refrigerant.