My Calypso Washing Machine Manual Diagnostics Mode Does Not Work

Christie Gross

Calypso top-loading washing machines are manufactured by Whirlpool and sold under their name as well as the Kenmore brand. The washing machine can perform an automatic diagnostics test once manually placed in diagnostic mode to troubleshoot a problem if the washer stops working properly. If the washer won’t perform the diagnostic test after you initiate the manual diagnostic mode from the control console board, perhaps you’re keying in the request wrong, or the control console board is broken and unable to perform the test.

Diagnostic Test

Once initiated, a Calypso washing machine will complete a short automatic test to confirm that the washer’s main components are operating correctly. If, during the test, the washer detects a problem with a component or function, it will provide an error code on the control console board’s display. It’s up to you to decipher the code to identify the problem and take steps to address it. You can find a list of error codes in the washer’s Use and Care Guide.

Initiating the Diagnostic Test

Use the settings on the control console to institute the diagnostic test. While in Standby Mode, meaning that the washer is on but no settings have been selected yet, manually push the buttons for Soak, Soil Level, Soak, and Soil Level in that order within 5 seconds. If you fail to press each button in this exact sequence within 5 seconds, the washer won’t perform the diagnostic test, and you’ll need to turn off the washer, wait 15 seconds and turn it back on before you can manually enter the sequence again.

Performing the Diagnostic Test

The Calypso washer should automatically begin the test once prompted. If the 7-segment light on the control console board shows the countdown for the time in seconds that the washer needs to perform the test, then the washer is in diagnostics mode, and an error code will be displayed when the seconds tick down to zero. If the washer hasn’t started the countdown, or if it began the countdown but froze without finishing, a control console board malfunction may have occurred that’s preventing the washer from completing the diagnostic test. Contact Whirlpool, or Sears, which sells Kenmore Calypso washers, to schedule a service appointment.

Deciphering an Error Code

Although you may presume that the Calypso washer isn’t working correctly after you perform a manual diagnostic test, it may be that you didn’t take action to fix the problem after an error code was provided. A manual diagnostic check only reveals a problem with the washer; the washer isn’t capable of automatically fixing the problem on its own. Once the console control board displays the error code, you must look it up in the washer’s Use and Care Guide and address the problem or contact a repair technician to fix the washer. Furthermore, if you don’t press “Stop/Cancel” to clear the display after you’ve noted the error code and addressed the problem, the washer won’t perform properly. Press Stop/Cancel to reset before you run a washing cycle.