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What Is the Cubic Inch for the GE Side by Refrigerator 20-27 Model?

Meredith Jameson

The GE 20-27 side-by-side refrigerator is no longer manufactured by the GE Corporation, but is available online and in many appliance or retail stores. This appliance is also operational in many homes and businesses. The refrigerator includes an ice and water dispenser, adjustable meat pan temperature, vegetable crispers, and adjustable shelves and cabinets. Potential buyers or owners should be knowledgeable about the refrigerator capacity and overall specifications.

Total Capacity

Overall, the GE refrigerator has a total capacity of almost 20 cubic feet. The overall shelf area is about 20 square feet and the fresh food compartment is almost 13 cubic feet. The freezer capacity is almost 7 cubic feet.


In total, the net weight of the refrigerator is 270 pounds, but the total shipping weight will be closer to 285 pounds. The GE refrigerator measures approximately 32 inches by 28 inches by 31 inches when the doors are closed. When installing the refrigerator, users should maintain a clearance of at least 1 inch on all sides for proper air flow.


When connecting the GE refrigerator to a power source, a 120 volt, 60Hz electrical outlet should be used separately. Other appliances should not be connected to the same outlet for proper power supply. GE recommends the use of a time-release 15 amp fuse with the refrigerator.


Although the refrigerator is no longer produced by the GE Corporation, the unit should still come with a limited warranty if purchased as new from an authorized retailer. The original warranty is a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty, with limited 5-year parts and sealed refrigerating system warranty. Contact the retailer or seller for additional information regarding product support and coverage.