My Kenmore Elite Icemaker Is Leaking

The Kenmore Elite line features an ice maker on the front of the refrigerator's door, and it has a control panel you can use to configure the ice maker and water dispenser settings. A persistent leak from the ice maker is indicative of improper temperature control because the ice maker's temperature lowers to minus 6 to minus 8 degrees Fahrenheit to produce ice. Alternatively, a leak can indicate a problem with the refrigerator's water supply line, which requires maintenance to restore use of the ice maker.

Broken Water Valve

The ice maker's water valve fills with water during ice production and freezes the water prior to dispensing the ice into the ice bin. If the water valve is broken, the result is a continuous leak as the ice maker attempts to fill with water. Replacement of the ice maker is required to resolve the problem.

Damaged Water Supply Line

The water supply line's connection must be secure to maintain a steady water flow from the home's water line to the ice maker. Accidental damage to the water line's connection or a loose connection affects the ice maker's performance and results in water leaking from the ice maker and the back of the refrigerator.


Lowering the freezer's temperature by using the refrigerator's control panel ensures the temperature is cold enough to produce ice. A newly installed refrigerator, however, can take up to 24 hours to begin producing ice; as the refrigerator gradually lowers its temperature, it may leak some water. Press the power button on the ice maker to ensure it is on and in the process of making ice.

Warm Ice Bin

The ice bin collects ice cubes from the ice maker. If the ice maker is turned off for longer than one day, the ice bin warms up and the ice may melt and leak from the dispenser. The problem is prevented by emptying the ice bin if you plan to turn off the refrigerator or configure it for vacation mode.

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