How to Customize Mini Blinds

Venetian-style mini blinds with narrow slats are inexpensive window coverings found in many residential dwellings.


Mini blinds can provide a blank canvas for your creativity.
A common problem with mini blinds is that manufacturers often produce them in one color with rather dull hardware. You don’t need to hire a professional to make plain or drab mini blinds truly stand out and complement your decor. .

Paint can quickly transform most surfaces, including metal mini blinds. One option is to re-paint your mini blinds entirely with spray paint formulated for full sunlight exposure and use on plastic, wood, metal or fabric. This option can add a splash of new color that better matches the rest of your decor. Or use a fresh coat of the original color to turn dingy or yellow blinds pristine. If you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, repaint the blinds entirely, repaint the tilt wand a different contrasting complementary, color or customize the slats, head rail or wand with craft stencil or stamp designs.


The plastic or wood cone-shaped tassels at the end of mini blind lift cords resemble the decorative drapery accessories of the same name made of bound cords and thread. Bring new life to your blinds by removing these tassels and tying drapery ones -- matched to the color and style of your existing curtains, drapery tassels or room decor -- to the cords. As another option, glue a row of drapery tassels along the head rail to create the illusion of a drapery valance; or if you plan to use a drapery valance on the curtain rod, pair a rail of tassels with a valance that features matching tassels.


A wide selection of decorative beads in a rainbow of colors and range of styles and shapes guarantees that you can find beads that match perfectly with your decor. You can glue beads in patterns onto surfaces; or replace a tassel-valance with beads. For example, carved bone or large crystal teardrop-style beads are two options that complement white or cream blinds and create distinctive patterns on walls when sunlight shines through them. Large, round or oblong black lacquered beads (either plain or decorated) offer a better gripping surface and add a touch of elegance to black mini blinds.


Besides decorating a tilt wand, you can also replace it completely with a different rod. For example, some manufacturers sell mini blind tilt wands in decorative shapes and colors. You can also replace it with a handcrafted object, such as a carved dowel rod, or hand-blown glass or decorative craft clay molded into a rod shape. The tilt-wand mechanism has a hook that fits through a horizontal hole at the top of the wand. You simply need to make certain that the replacement rod has a similar hole at one end for the hook.


Before you start, think about the effect your changes will have on the room. For example, dark paint, tassels and beads over light-colored slats block sunlight and cast shadows. Additionally, prepare thoroughly to protect your health. For example, if you decide to paint, wear long sleeves and pants to protect your skin, and invest in low-volatile-organic-compound (low-VOC) paints and a mask to protect your respiratory system. Additionally, always read the safety directions included with construction or craft products such as adhesives or craft clays, as they can contain harmful chemicals or release fumes.

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