What Is Interceramic Tile?

Interceramic Inc. is a manufacturer of tile, natural stone, tile setting materials and bathroom fixtures. The company has manufacturing complexes in Chihuahua, Mexico, and Garland, Texas, in which it creates 450 million square feet of tile per year. The company started in Chihuahua in 1979 and has grown to become one of the premier tile manufacturers in North America as of January 2011. Interceramic has also made a name for itself as a pioneer in environmentally friendly tile products with its Interceramic Green line.

Tile and Installation Materials

When planning your next tile project, consider one of Interceramic's green products.

Interceramic has several lines of ceramic tile available for purchase from its distribution centers and other home improvement retailers.  The company offers several finishes of tile, including faux-wood finishes, stone replica finishes and decorative tiles with intricate designs. Interceramic offers all of its assorted finishes in a variety of colors and sizes.  You can also choose from collections of mosaic-type ceramic tiles to create unique looks in any bathroom or kitchen. Interceramic retailers also carry all of the installation materials necessary to install their tiles, including thin set and grout. 

Bathroom Fixtures

Interceramic manufactures several different ceramic bathroom fixtures for laying directly into your tiled shower or bathroom area, giving you an option for easy installation and a seamless look.  You can attach these fixtures to the wall with the same thin set used to secure the other tiles and grout them just like regular tiles. The available fixtures include soap dishes, corner shelves and toilet paper roll holders. 

Natural Stone

Interceramic not only manufactures and distributes ceramic and porcelain tiles.  Its natural stone selection includes some of the most popular stone types on the market, including granite and marble. The company also offers a line of concrete tiles for a polished concrete look.  The price for these stone tiles can exceed that of porcelain and ceramic alternatives, but Interceramic offers stone-look ceramic tile options for the budget-conscious buyer.

Interceramic Green

Interceramic Green is a section of Interceramic that puts focus on its social responsibility as a company by tirelessly working to make the parent company as environmentally friendly as possible.  Interceramic Green has made strides in this endeavor by making its manufacturing process eco-friendly by using only natural clays and minerals in all of its products, recycling as much of its manufacturing waste as it can (including 100 percent of the water) and reducing gas use and emissions to the atmosphere.

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