What Is the Best Color for Shutters on a Light Gray Vinyl Home?

Light gray is a neutral and as such, nearly any color is an acceptable match for shutters -- unless the roof throws you a curve. Before you pick a shutter color, consider the hue of your roof. You must choose a shutter color that complements both the gray siding and the roof.

Rust Red

If your roof is a red brown or a dark brown, consider a warm color for your shutters. Colors like rust red, burgundy, copper, brick red and maroon are all appropriate. Dark red, when placed against light gray siding, creates a high-contrast look. Use a darker gray or white on your trim.

Dark Gray

If your roof is dark gray or black, use dark gray on your shutters. This gray may have a hint of navy, but keep the shutters relatively neutral. For the trim, pick white. To add splashes of color to this relatively neutral color palette, consider hanging a flag from the porch or plant an array of colorful flowers in window boxes.


For a house with a blue-gray or gray-brown roof, neutral colored shutters -- either dusty brown or dark beige -- are appropriate. These tasteful colors add a touch of class to your home. Use cream as an accent on your porch and gutters.


A green roof is fairly rare, but if your roof has a green cast, pair it with sage or dark sage shutters. These shutters will look best on a house with a lot of natural foliage, where green is already a prevalent color. Use white as an accent, painted on a porch or around windows.

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