John Deere S82 Lawn Mower Information

Stephen Lilley

The S82 lawn mower is an older model from the John Deere company. The unit first appeared in the John Deere production line in the early 1980s and is no longer made. Its technical specifications include information like the size of its engine and information about its built-in mower deck.

Engine Size

The John Deere S82 featured an 8-horsepower engine. The engine was mounted on the rear of the unit, just beneath the driver seat and above the unit's two rear tires. This is in contrast to newer John Deere riding lawn mowers in which the engines are mounted to the front, just in front of the steering wheel and above the front tires.

Mower Deck

The mower deck on a John Deere S82 was mounted beneath the center of the riding lawn mower's main base. The deck housed the mower blades and was 30 inches in length. You could mount optional accessories like collection bags to the side or the rear of the S82 to collect grass clippings as you used the unit, rather than leaving them behind on the lawn, which is what would happen without such a bag system in place.


The transmission on the John Deere S82 was five-speed. This is in reference to the actual number of gears in the transmission, which provided five different speeds at which the unit could travel. The John Deere S82 had a manual transmission, meaning that you would have to physically shift the mower into another gear if you wanted to change your rate of travel.

Electric Start

The John Deere S82 featured an electric-based start system powered by an internal battery. When you inserted the key into the ignition and turned it into the starting position, the battery turned on and provided an electrical current which was used to start the mower. The battery, along with the engine, was located on the rear of the unit beneath the main driver's seat.