How Often Should You Drain & Fill a Hot Tub?

Similar to a pool but smaller, a hot tub contains multiple jets that keep the warm water moving throughout the device. The water is in constant motion, and the device contains a filter that removes debris and unwanted particles from the hot water. But unlike a pool, you need to drain and refill your hot tub regularly to keep the water fresh and to control bacteria growth.


Drain and refill your hot tub regularly to keep bacteria growth at bay.

Drain and refill your hot tub every two months while you are using the device. Draining the device flushes any corrosion from the tub's heater coil and also removes any caked-on debris within the device. Draining and refilling also helps reduce bumps in the tub's acrylic shell. These bumps can eventually cause the shell to warp and possibly crack.

Note, if multiple people use your hot tub or debris is frequently present in the hot tub, drain and refill your hot tub monthly to keep bacteria growth to a minimum.

Draining Checklist

When draining and refilling your hot tub, don't forget to remove stale water from the tub's pump system including the return lines and water pump. Use a canister-type wet vacuum to clear the pump system. Also, check the hot tub's electrical system for frayed wires and faulty circuit breaker components. Have any pump system and electrical system issues repaired as soon as possible.


Drain your hot tub before closing the device for the season. Then turn off the tub's heater and run the tub's air blower for 30 seconds to blow any remaining water out of the hot tub's air channels. Use a large towel to soak up any remaining water from the tub and unplug the device. Remove any drain plugs from the pump housing, unscrew any fittings and use a canister-type vacuum cleaner to blow out the jet piping. Lastly, cover the hot tub with a tarp or cover to keep debris from blowing into the device.

Failure to Drain and Refill

Failure to drain and refill your hot tub can result in bacteria growing in the device due to dirt, lotions and other debris collecting in the stale water. Bacteria can lead to skin infections, rashes, ear infections and respiratory problems as well as other health issues. Stale water containing debris can also clog and damage your hot tub's jets, heater coil and other components.

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