Ways to Hang Tools in a Shed

Having the right tool for any job makes the work pleasurable and good results are attained quickly. Proper organization and storage keeps tools handy and up to the task. Locating and preparing a neglected tool can take valuable time from the work waiting to be done. Sorely neglected tools can fail during use and cause bodily injury.

Long-Handled Tools

Improperly stored tools present hazards.
Storing toools on hooks and clamps keeps them out of the way, but still handy.

Rakes and shovels can be kept upright against a shed wall by mounting hooks or spring-loaded clamps to the wall interior. The clamps grasp the handle tightly, allowing storage with the business end of the tool off the ground. Contact with the floor of the shed can result in rusty, dull shovels and bent tines on rakes. Brooms and hoes can also be stored in this manner.

Power Tools

Blow-molded cases help prevent rust.

Electric power tools are sold in blow-molded cases that keep the tool dry and better able to withstand impacts. Keep these tools in the case for longevity and ease of location. Even the tool's original box is a good substitute for tools sold without a case. Store boxes and cases on any shelving roomy and sturdy enough to accommodate them. Shelf brackets are easily attached to the interior shed wall and allow custom shelf widths. Open shelving is sufficient as the tool box or case will provide shelter from the elements.

Hand Tools

Pegboard storage frees up counter space.

Small hand tools are best kept in well-organized tool boxes, but frequent use may require easier access. Pegboards can be outfitted with hooks of various shapes and sizes to hang almost any hand tool. Keeping the tools at arms length and in sight is convenient. Tracing the outline of the tool onto the pegboard assures proper placement after the job.

Larger Items

Bicycle hooks screwed into overhead joists can be used to store anything with spoked wheels or objects too long or clumsy for pegboards. Heavy items should not be hung this way,as the joist may be subject to too much physical stress. Head and lifting-related injuries are also a consideration when hanging items from above. There are services that provide design and construction of systems for this, but you have all those tools to use. Any well-stocked hardware store can provide the materials mentioned.