Frigidaire Washer Leaks

Frigidaire is a brand of appliances sold by Electrolux, and it specializes in home and commercial appliances like washing machines. It offers large-capacity top- and front-loading washing machines. If you notice water on your floor while you are washing clothes, your Frigidaire washing machine is leaking water. This is a common problem that you can usually fix on your own, saving yourself money.


The most common reason why your Frigidaire washer leaks is because the fill and drainage connections are loose. Tighten the connections at both the faucet and the washing machine. Replace the wire clamp, if compromised. Turn off the water, and see if the rubber sealing washers are installed inside the fill hoses. This prevents water from escaping from the hose. Examine the hoses, and see if they are split or punctured. You must replace or patch the hose. Always level the washing machine with the front and rear leveling legs. This prevents the washer from shaking, causing water to splash out of the machine. Keep the lid closed.

Over-sudsing/Off Balance

Most Frigidaire washing machines require high-efficiency, low-sudsing detergent. If you use any other type of detergent, the washing machine will create too many suds, which causes water and suds to leak out of the washing machine. Stop the washing machine and run the rinse cycle to clear the sudsing. Also, only use the recommended amount of detergent. Your washer can also leak if your overload the machine or if it's unbalanced. Water can bounce off of the load if it's stacked too high.

Water Inlet Valve/Seal

If you see water leaking into the tub when you are not using the machine, check the water inlet valve, which is located on the rear of the machine. If the valve is leaking, you must replace it, since it's difficult to fix. Check the main washer seal if your Frigidaire washer is leaking all of the time and you see water in the outer tub. The seal runs between the outer tub and the transmission. This repair is often difficult. Contact a service technician for assistance.

Additional Issues

Your Frigidaire washing machine may leak during the spin cycle if the hex-head screws are loose. These screws are located on the lower part of the housing. Wait until the spin speed starts, and examine the screws. If the leak is originating from this area, tighten the screws. Check the pump if your washer is leaking when the tub is filled with water. Let the tub fill, and then shut off the washing machine. Disconnect the washer from the power source, and open up the main housing. Replace the pump if it's leaking, since it's difficult to fix.

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