The Colors of American Standard Porcelain Sinks

American Standard manufactures plumbing fixtures from toilets and faucets to sinks. Porcelain is a favorite material for bathroom fixtures and especially bathroom sinks, but beyond being a fixture, the sink is part of the larger aesthetic of the room it occupies. Because of this, American Standard offers sinks in several different colors, each one designed to match or complement the color scheme of the bathroom.


Often used to match black tile, black sinks are also used as fixtures in bathrooms with a dark stone color scheme and even as a stark contrast to a white tiled room. American Standard sells black sinks for the bathroom but does not currently include models of porcelain kitchen sinks in black. Bathroom sinks available in black include the Town Square pedestal style sink that stands independently of counters or walls, the Studio Undercounter sink that fits into a countertop and the Ravenna Wall-Mount. Black sinks are compatible with black, chrome, gold, white and stonework fittings, faucets and handles.


A dark off-white that appears almost as cream, American Standard's Bone shade provides a rich and inviting warmth when compared to the starkness of white or the cool neutrality of black. A favorite color because of its warm tones, as well as its ability to hide moderate dust and dirt, several sink styles are offered in Bone, including the Antique Countertop Sink, the Topic Grande Pedestel standalone sink, the Studio Carre Undercounter and the Loft Above Counter Sink that sits like a basin above the countertop.


Off-white with a hint of yellow, Linen is a fresh-looking color that brightens while still contributing to a warmer look than bright white. The second most widely available color of sink from American Standard, linen is offered on many sinks, including but not limited to Tropic Oval Countertop sinks, Retrospect Console Table sinks, Standard Collection Table sinks, Morning Above Counter sinks and Ravenna Pedestal sinks. Linen is a compatible color with several light and dark color schemes but can appear dirty in a pure white bathroom.


White is the most common and most widely available color for American Standard sinks. Table, countertop, wall-mounted and freestanding pedestal sinks of all varieties are offered in white. Additionally, the Country Kitchen sink is also available from American Standard in white porcelain. This color works in light and dark color schemes, complementing or contrasting the surrounding tiles, walls and fixtures.

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