My Kitchen Aid Mixer Doesn't Mix Everything at the Bottom

The KitchenAid stand mixer is a countertop appliance designed for mixing ingredients, including a dough hook, wire whisk and flat beater paddle. The unit has a deep stainless steel bowl and several mixing speeds to combine a wide variety of items. However, owners occasionally find that the mixer does not combine everything at the bottom of the bowl. Resolving this issue can mean trying a few techniques.

Adding Ingredients

One way to help keep ingredients mixed, including those items on the bottom of the bowl, is to add items slowly and evenly. If too many ingredients are added at the same time, it is less likely that the items will remain well blended. Add each ingredient individually and pour into the bowl slowly for the best results. It may be useful to use a spatula to scrape the side and bottom of the bowl during mixing.


Many recipes frequently call for large amounts of ingredients, such as flour. When adding large volumes of items, it is best to divide the item into smaller amounts and wait for the mixer to combine items well before adding more. Monitor the mixing and watch the bottom of the bowl to make sure items are blending well before more items are added.

Mixing Speed

If items on the bottom of the bowl are not combining well, it may be necessary to increase the mixing speed. Start slowly and increase the speed by one increment each time. When items mix faster, the substance is more likely to blend well and pull the batter up from the bottom of the bowl.

Bowl Proximity

Some KitchenAid mixers have a bowl lift feature, which allows users to increase the height of the bowl in proximity to the beater. To raise the bowl, turn the handle straight up and lock into position. In addition, the bowl-to-beater clearance can be altered on all KitchenAid mixers to ensure thorough mixing. Be sure to turn off the mixer first and lower the bowl (on applicable models). Attach the flat beater to the beater head and set the bowl on the stand. Turn the screw on the neck of the mixer counterclockwise to lift the bowl up or clockwise to lower the bowl. Do not force the screw and turn in only ΒΌ increments. Note that the beater should not hit the bottom of the bowl while mixing -- some clearance should be maintained.

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